Monday, April 9, 2012


Still working hard trying to get my book noticed.  So far I have sold 35 copies since I first released it in Nov 2011.  Not the greatest number but it could be worse.  I'm hoping it will pick up within the next two years.  The Hunger Games book was released in 2008 and it has only recently taken off so that gives me some hope.  I guess it takes a long time for word of mouth to travel to so many people.  I haven't given up hope but I have put off writing my next book for a while.  I really enjoy meeting new people on Twitter.  I know it's not the greatest route to go but I'm still a newbie and I like meeting people from all over the world.

My foster kids keep me quite busy.  Eva moved back in last May and we have been getting along great.  I really enjoy spending time with her and we became even closer when my parents took her and I camping last summer for four days.  Eva received her drivers license last month and now saving up to buy her own car.  For now she drives Larry's car to work on the weekends (his car is smaller than mine, I have a SUV type vehicle) and during the week I take her.  Eva turns 22 in August 2012.

Shurik still lives in D.C. and recently got a new job working as an office administrator at a real estate investment firm.  We're very proud.  Shurik will be 23 in August 2012.

Ellie moved out last fall because she and Larry were not seeing eye to eye and the relationship is now estranged.  We get periodic updates from her sister Eva and to our surprise she recently sent us a complimentary message through Facebook.  Ellie turned 19 two months ago.  She has not visited us since she moved out.

Darya is doing well and still lives on her own.  She has dated a few different people but nothing serious yet.  She regularly visits us and sometimes spends the weekend.  Darya will be 23 in July 2012.

Larry and I invited Darya and Shurik over so we could spend Easter with all three kids.  I made them Easter baskets and filled them with candy.  Also, I bought two Easter games for them to play, they had a blast.

Q and A

If anyone has questions about the book or anything else, please feel free to ask:)